Five helpful things to do while on quarantine by El Flow

Listen i know being on quarantine and staying at home sucks all because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. But i’m gonna tell you 5 helpful things to do while being under quarantine exclusively on

#1 – Buy A Game Console

Even though most of you probably own a video game console but for those who don’t i highly recommend you buy a game console like an Xbox, PlayStation or even PC games(I recommend Steam as a PC game platform). This is helpful during a quarantine because it passes time and it keeps you entertained.

#2 – Writing

Pen & paper is one of the easiest things to find at home and a great way to keep yourself occupied is to write like things such as Lyrics, Poems & Scripts like for Movies or Skits. This is one of my favorite hobbies i like to do and the more you write the better you’ll be as a writer.

#3 – Reading Books

Reading books is good for your brain and a smart way to pass through time while being on a lock down. It’s a proven fact that reading makes you smarter and wiser so why not read a couple books while being on quarantine? Even reading magazines is a great way to get by during a government lockdown. Reading in general is the way to go!

#4 – Social Networking

Since not being able to socialize with our friends and close ones now is the right time and opportunity to become that social media star by social networking! Since being stuck at home now you have the chance to focus on getting big on social medias sites & apps like Tik Tok, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Reddit, VK or by making your own website. All of these are very popular social networks and a great way to potentially get your name out there such as gaining followers and a boost of popularity. This is the perfect time to take an advantage of social networking during a quarantine like this.

#5 – Be Cautious Who You Bring Over

The most helpful to do to keep you & your family safe from this horrible virus pandemic is to be cautious at all times on who you bringing over to your house. Avoiding guests from coming to your household is a way better chance of NOT catching the deadly virus. Try to not bring much guests over as possible and you will survive through this outbreak.

Well i hope these five things was helpful and useful to you. These are great things to do till the all of this blows over. Be sure to check out more El Flow blog posts only on